In the framework of COVID-19 pandemic, the Luxembourg Government took a set of measures in order to support the companies in trouble, among which:

Partial unemployment

Further to the Government release of 18.03.2020, two procedures have now to be distinguished:

  • Accelerated procedure for companies directly affected by a governmental measure
    • On an exceptional basis, companies who must stop totally or partially their activities, further to a governmental measure, are directly eligible to the partial unemployment (they do not need to file a prior request to the Comité de conjoncture of the Ministry of Economy)
    • Request for the reimbursement of the unemployed hours will be made through an online system which will be available in the next few days on ADEM website (with retroactive effect)
  • Companies who remain open but are affected by the negative impact of the COVID-19 on their business:

For more information and details:

1 In the absence of staff delegation, the form must be signed by all the employees concerned.

Special leave for family reasons

Due to the nurseries/schools’ closure, the special leave for family reasons has been extended to parents of children aged of less than 13 years old if there is no other possibility for child care. Please note that both parents cannot benefit from this leave at the same time.

To benefit from this leave, the employee must follow the following process

Frontiers workers – entry on the Luxembourg territory

In order to facilitate their entry to the Luxembourg territory, the Luxembourg Government published forms/attestations to be completed before moving:

Frontier workers

  • Tax tolerance threshold
    • Belgian frontier workers: the homeworking days imposed to Belgian frontier workers further to COVID-19 have not to be included, on an exceptional basis, in the 24 day-tolerance threshold
    • French and German frontier workers: negotiations are ongoing to allow to French and German frontier workers to exceed the thresholds of 29 days/ 19 days
  • Social security threshold: discussion is ongoing at the EU level
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