Dear Client,

In these times when teleworking is part of our daily lives, would you like to have access to your figures anywhere, at any time and instantaneously? Would you like to get rid of your paper and find all your documents easily? If so, online collaboration with us might be just the thing for you.

What does online collaboration with your accountant consist of?

Collaborating online with us is a new way of working. Nowadays, you probably come to us regularly with a file full of purchase invoices, sales invoices and all sorts of other documents. From now on, you can send everything electronicall or your smartphone.

How does it work?

We collaborate online with our clients via the Sage Cloud Demat collaboration platform. Curious to know exactly how it works? Click on the button below and you will immediately have all the information you need to make the right decision.

What are the advantages for you?

Synoptics always to hand

No need to wait for the quarterly results or the annual financial statements. The main costs and revenues are directly visible on an online dashboard.

Secure digital archives

All purchase and sales invoices and related documents are automatically stored in a digital archive. This means that you can easily find the documents and exact amounts online.

Working in 100% digital mode

No more need to travel, and you can continue to telework. You no longer have to agree with us when you can just come and hand over a pile of invoices. From now on, everything is done online, which saves you time. What is more, we can spend even more time advising you.

A free smartphone application

You can have access to all your figures, accounting sheets and documents through your smartphone. It is also possible to scan, transfer, search and consult documents. The app is available on Android and iOS.



Do you have any questions? Send us an email and we will contact you as quickly as possible to discuss them together.

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