Dear clients,

Meeting the challenges of tomorrow’s world, and facing the new requirements of globalisation to move onwards and upwards with our clients, have always been our greatest concerns.

This is why our company, which started out nearly 50 years ago as Interfiduciaire (a member of the KPMG network for 10 years) before becoming IF Group, needs to transform itself and secure the means of supporting your growth and ambitions.

As you know, in 2010 we decided to link up with Baker Tilly, a global consulting, auditing, accounting and tax network, to improve our positioning now and for the future. Maintaining our entrepreneurial freedom and autonomy, we joined this network as an independent member and will remain so.

We will be writing a new chapter in our history. And we need to illustrate this. We have therefore decided to adopt our network’s name, to support our local reputation while consolidating our global reach. IF Group will be renamed Baker Tilly on 2 January 2020.

Have we been bought out? No, we have joined a network that will allow us to become stronger and more knowledgeable of international issues to help you tackle the complexity of your problems. We will also be able to learn about the new demands of globalisation to better serve you in your quest for growth.

Are we changing? No, our independence will remain intact, the teams will be the same; it’s the horizon that is expanding. Our support and advice can only get stronger and wider-reaching. If we are developing our skills internationally, it is precisely so that we can offer all of our clients, from small local businesses to large international groups, new opportunities, answers and solutions.

We will soon have more than 100 members of staff at Baker Tilly Luxembourg, and are convinced that some good times lie ahead. We are certainly all working to make this happen. Our character is unchanged, being attentive to clients and precise in our answers, but the Baker Tilly name has an international slant to its identity, with its expertise renowned in a networking world.

We would like to thank you, dear clients, for your ongoing trust.

More than 50 years of evolution for Baker Tilly Luxembourg

Creation of the company named Interfiduciaire

The company joins the KPMG network

Interfiduciaire regains its independence following the mandatory split of audit and accounting activities

Interfiduciaire is renamed IF Group to refl ect its global dimension and the diversity of its activities: Accounting, Tax, Corporate Services, Audit, Payroll & HR

IF Group joins the Baker Tilly International network as an independent member

2018 – 2019
IF Group confi rms its national ambitions through the acquisition of FIBEtrust and its global ambitions through a partnership with FLUX-audit

IF Group adopts the name Baker Tilly

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Now, for tomorrow