Leave for family reasons related to the Covid-19 pandemic covering the period from 25.05.2020 to 15.07.2020

From 25.05.2020, a new application for leave for family reasons must be submitted by the employee or self-employed person (resident or non-resident)

  • For the employee, the procedure is as follows:

  • Employer’s action: a statement mentioning the actual days of leave for family reasons will have to be sent to the CCSS according to the usual procedure

  • For the self-employed person, the procedure is as follows:

1 https://guichet.public.lu/dam-assets/catalogue-formulaires/coronavirus/crf-impossibilite-prise-en-charge/certificat-impossibilite-prise-en-charge.pdf

2 Is considered a vulnerable child according to the recommendations of the Higher Council for Infectious Diseases child suffering from respiratory, cardiac or immuno-depression pathology

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